Myles D. Sampson, a successful land developer and lifetime resident of Western Pennsylvania, founded the Sampson Foundation in 1993. He was involved in improving his community and dedicated much of his life to a wide variety of philanthropic projects. Being blessed with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and an astute business sense, Mr. Sampson took great pride in his philanthropic endeavors. He was motivated by a strong spiritual background and sense of moral obligation. He believed that his good fortune in life was truly a gift from God, and that to give back to those less fortunate was his primary duty. Or, as stated in one of his favorite quotes, "With great wealth comes great responsibility". Since his passing in 2007, the legacy of Mr. Sampson lives on through his wife and two daughters bringing his philanthropic spirit into their own communities and charitable pursuits. His legacy, core beliefs, and values lie at the heart of the mission of The Sampson Family Foundation. The family and board remain committed to fulfilling the great philanthropic vision of the Foundation's founder.